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The Responder Relief Rodeo Royalty serves as ambassadors for the Responder Relief Foundation. Our royalty represents the Responder Relief Foundation and Rodeo as well as the community, with the highest level of poise and integrity. They acknowledge the importance of promoting a positive image and of preserving our western heritage. They fully understand the cause of Responder Relief Foundation and who it serves.  Our motto is to “Recognize, Represent and Remember” our First Responders.

What is a Rodeo Queen?

A Rodeo Queen is an ambassador for the sport of rodeo and the industries in agriculture. These young ladies educate the public about the importance and history of county fairs, rodeo sports, agricultural practices, riding horses, and much more. Their role is to clarify any misconceptions about humane animal handling practices and teach why the certain rodeo sports are valuable to the cowboy way of life.

How Do You Become a Rodeo Queen?

To become a rodeo queen, there are contests in different local counties, breed associations, or states. The stages of the contest often include the following categories judged by a panel of judges:


*Knowledge/ Current Events



*Impromptu questions

*Written test

*Public speaking

What Does Responder Relief Rodeo Royalty Do?

Responder Relief Rodeo Royalty represents First Responders and other Colorado Heroes that keep our communities safe. The Royalty court travels Colorado and Wyoming to raise awareness for the Responder Relief Rodeo whose mission it is to provide monetary assistance to Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Medical Services, as well as their families for those that have been critically or fatally injured. Events include:

*Local fundraisers

*Community Service Events


*Professional Development Conferences


*Youth events

Responder Relief History

In 2016  three deputies of the Park County Sheriff’s Office, were wounded after being involved in a shooting.  One deputy sustained non-life-threatening wounds, one was critically wounded, and one tragically succumbed to his wounds. As a result of this, the Responder Relief Foundation was created.



Letter of Recommendation

Social Media Policy


Have any questions?! Contact Sue Befus, Royalty Coordinator:    (720) 415 - 1297

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